Prayer Requests

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Please pray for my nephew, Zach, who has pneumonia and my midwife, MeriBeth who goes in for surgery on Tuesday. Also, Jeff's back continues to bother him a good bit. He is going to physical therapy when he can. But it would be wonderful if he could heal completely. Please pray for my stamina! I am quite tired and have a sore hip and back. The end of pregnancy is always tough, but since I haven't been able to swim this time, I have really been hurting. I feel like I am 100 years old! Thanks again for your prayers!


The Bernardi's said...

Wow, poor Zach! :( How long has he been sick? :(

Mandy2qt said...

For a week at least. They didn't know he had it. THought it was a virus like his sister had.

kvanzandt said...

Thanks for the prayers for Zach. He seems to be doing more fevers, but he's been getting up during the night coughing, getting a breathing treatment and then he can't go back to sleep. Please pray he'll be able to get the sleep he needs to heal. Thanks!