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Just an update on the Homeschool Group we belong to...
This week was a theme unit on Safety. The kids played games featuring poisons, fire, car seats, bikes, pools, boats (wearing life jackets), etc.
We were visited by some fire fighters and learned a lot!

They demonstrated use of their gear and told us it costs around $7,000 to suit each fire fighter.

These suits can be on fire for 5 minutes without burning.

Everyone was allowed to climb through the front of the fire truck. The fire fighter who spoke told us parents are welcome to stop by and see all the equipment on Tuesdays. (Now please confirm that, as my memory is shot lately).


The Bernardi's said...

Yeah, I have come to the conclusion that depending on my memory is useless. I can't believe I forgot about this! If Antonio found out I missed this he would be upset! On the other hand, visiting on Tuesdays sounds nice. Hmmmmm.... which one to visit though? All of them?