Happy 2nd Birthday Caeden!

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I don't know why, but I love this shot of Caeden, pre-party.

Caeden was pretty shy during the birthday song. He wouldn't blow out his candles, so Daddy helped him. :)

Eating cake and showing me his newest car.

Getting excited over a car ramp toy from Grandma and Papa Corbett!

Almost everyone. Sean, my mom, Karin, Alliyah and Grandpa Snyder and Papa Corbett are missing.

Grandpa Snyder and Samuel enjoy watching the gift-opening ceremony....

I wish this was clearer. But still a great shot of Grandma C, Alliyah and Elli.

Nathaniel beaming as he thinks about the new toys to try out!

Aunt Karin and Alliyah.

Traditional end to the party with throwing balls of wrapping paper at people's heads.

We noticed a dramatic increase with Caeden's talking. He must have thought, hmmm, I am 2 now, I guess I need to start communicating!