First Dance Classes

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Before mean red head event

Well Annie had her first ever baton and jazz class on Thursday and loved them! She was ecstatic to get five baton tricks right away!

Samuel did great going right into his class and sitting down with all the other children! I was impressed! Then, suddenly, he came running over to me crying. I was messing with my camera, so I had no clue what was wrong. But he would not rejoin the class! And after months of talking non-stop about tap, I was baffled! Between having Elli there, telling him that his helmet made him invisible, promising Dairy Queen, and letting him wear his Spider Man flip flops, I convinced him to go out for ballet.

Afterwards, I repeatedly asked him why he had not wanted to do tap to which his bottom lip began to quiver and big tears formed in his eyes. He choked out, "Betause I didn't want the kids to be mean to me adain."

Finally, he told me that there was a little curly red-headed girl that had 'been mean to him' and told him that he wasn't allowed to be there!

So hopefully, next week will go better. Hopefully. Annie had fun in tap/ballet and acrobats as well.