Save the Earth!

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Okay, so I really don't buy into the whole 'save the earth' thing. It is going down in fire and flame no matter what we do according to the Bible. But, it was ingrained in me to be responsible in school and to this day I can not let the plastic used to hold pop bottles go into the garbage without cutting them in case a poor dolphin would get caught!

So lately, besides recycling, I have been seriously considering venturing into the cloth diapering craze. No, I am not the best candidate and considering I have given this exact topic thought for each baby I have had and have not actually tried it, I suppose you might say I am a true slacker!

It does sound like more work. It indeed sounds like a big change. But how much do I hate throwing money away to the diaper industry? Quite a bit, actually. So, as I close this rant, let me be the first one to say that this may not pan out. I may not start doing this as it is a big investment in the beginning. But, perhaps a worthwhile one.

Soft Taco Pizza

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Just makin' pizzas out of taco shells, sauce and cheese. 400 degrees in the oven for 10 minutes. Kids love to spread the sauce and sprinkle the cheese. YUM.


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Aunt Holly and Uncle Paeter are visiting from Arizona this week, so we had to get our traditional cousin picture!
The Cousins Shot!

Elli and Annie look on as Samuel gently strokes his baby cousin's fuzzy hair.

Caeden was really enjoying tickling Alliyah's feet. Baby brother, watch out!

Asher and Uncle Sean.

Karin and Alliyah

Asher and his Mommy (Holly)

Jeff takes a turn at holding Asher, whom he describes as "Incredibly cute."

Aunt Hol and Unca Paet treated us to an evening of tacos. Thanks again for the yummy meal! It rocked!

Happy 2nd Birthday Caeden!

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I don't know why, but I love this shot of Caeden, pre-party.

Caeden was pretty shy during the birthday song. He wouldn't blow out his candles, so Daddy helped him. :)

Eating cake and showing me his newest car.

Getting excited over a car ramp toy from Grandma and Papa Corbett!

Almost everyone. Sean, my mom, Karin, Alliyah and Grandpa Snyder and Papa Corbett are missing.

Grandpa Snyder and Samuel enjoy watching the gift-opening ceremony....

I wish this was clearer. But still a great shot of Grandma C, Alliyah and Elli.

Nathaniel beaming as he thinks about the new toys to try out!

Aunt Karin and Alliyah.

Traditional end to the party with throwing balls of wrapping paper at people's heads.

We noticed a dramatic increase with Caeden's talking. He must have thought, hmmm, I am 2 now, I guess I need to start communicating!

Steven Curtis Chapman

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In case you missed it.... A family God is uplifting through tragedy.
(To pause music player, look to the right column and click the pause button, then you will be able to hear the video better!)

Prayer Requests

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Please pray for my nephew, Zach, who has pneumonia and my midwife, MeriBeth who goes in for surgery on Tuesday. Also, Jeff's back continues to bother him a good bit. He is going to physical therapy when he can. But it would be wonderful if he could heal completely. Please pray for my stamina! I am quite tired and have a sore hip and back. The end of pregnancy is always tough, but since I haven't been able to swim this time, I have really been hurting. I feel like I am 100 years old! Thanks again for your prayers!

Homeschool Group

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Just an update on the Homeschool Group we belong to...
This week was a theme unit on Safety. The kids played games featuring poisons, fire, car seats, bikes, pools, boats (wearing life jackets), etc.
We were visited by some fire fighters and learned a lot!

They demonstrated use of their gear and told us it costs around $7,000 to suit each fire fighter.

These suits can be on fire for 5 minutes without burning.

Everyone was allowed to climb through the front of the fire truck. The fire fighter who spoke told us parents are welcome to stop by and see all the equipment on Tuesdays. (Now please confirm that, as my memory is shot lately).

School Days

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Pattern blocks

Caeden was actually counting "1, 2, 3" and singing his ABC's VERY LOUDLY, as seen on the video clip below.

Tactile puzzle.

Letter "S" writing.

Salt writing.


First Dance Classes

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Before mean red head event

Well Annie had her first ever baton and jazz class on Thursday and loved them! She was ecstatic to get five baton tricks right away!

Samuel did great going right into his class and sitting down with all the other children! I was impressed! Then, suddenly, he came running over to me crying. I was messing with my camera, so I had no clue what was wrong. But he would not rejoin the class! And after months of talking non-stop about tap, I was baffled! Between having Elli there, telling him that his helmet made him invisible, promising Dairy Queen, and letting him wear his Spider Man flip flops, I convinced him to go out for ballet.

Afterwards, I repeatedly asked him why he had not wanted to do tap to which his bottom lip began to quiver and big tears formed in his eyes. He choked out, "Betause I didn't want the kids to be mean to me adain."

Finally, he told me that there was a little curly red-headed girl that had 'been mean to him' and told him that he wasn't allowed to be there!

So hopefully, next week will go better. Hopefully. Annie had fun in tap/ballet and acrobats as well.




Saying Good-bye, but See You Soon Papa

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Today marks the day of the passing of our family Patriarch, Bertram Arthur Mueller. Beloved husband to Ada Rose, father to nine children, including Jeff's mother, Janet Rose and Papa to many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. What a privilege to know him and see him leading his family to love the Lord. For that reason alone I have been truly blessed to know him. My grandfather Snyder died before I was born and I know he knew the Lord as his Savior. I didn't get to know him or see that example of a grandfather who loved the Lord until I met Jeff's Papa.... Just the fact that the Mueller family sang together as a family and prayed together the first time I met them impacted my life greatly. That's not something I grew up doing or had ever seen before.

I will personally remember that Papa always took time to speak and say hello. He never left without getting a hug from me and had quite a quick wit. I found him to be someone that would try to make everyone feel welcome and special. I started dating Jeff when I was *gasp* 14 and he, along with Ada, always made me feel like I was one of their children or grandchildren. Never did I feel like I was an outsider or unimportant in any way. I was treated as part of the family long before it ever became official. For that, I am truly grateful.

So we are sad because we will miss him, but overjoyed because he is with Jesus and as Karin pointed out, he gets to see his parents who died when he was four. How wonderful and exciting is that? So a temporary farewell.... See you soon, Papa Mueller!

Labor Day Picnic 2008

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We had a really good time at the picnic held at Jeff's grandparent's home. Carl and Laurie brought fun games and prizes for the kids. Our kids had a blast! The food was delicious, as usual and the weather was pristine.
Some people brought items to give away and I got some really good books for homeschooling!
Papa Mueller is bedridden so we ended the night by singing him hymns. It was a really special time for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.