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Today Caeden was insisting on not only being out of the stroller a few blocks from home, but also wanting to be held. Normally this is not a problem. But today, I was having a hard time pushing the stroller and carrying him. I was hot and tired and decided to put him down and see if he would walk 'like a big boy.' Not surprisingly, he plopped right down in the middle of the ATA parking lot and began to scream in protest when he realized there was a stroller to be pushed! At first I was happy! But I soon realized how much guiding it was going to take on my part to keep him steering the stroller in the right direction. But he didn't want my help and waved his arms madly at me when I would try to help! So I had to be sneaky about it.

What is my point? I do have one! While I was constantly redirecting him it occurred to me how much like Caeden we are and how we want to do it ourselves instead of just getting into the stroller and letting God push it. I thought about how often I rely on myself instead of God and how much extra work I must make not only for me but for God! What a doting Heavenly Father we must have to be willing to let us steer and keep us on the straight path as we often think in our minds, look at me! Look at what I did, when it was God all along leading us and guiding us along the bumpy, cracked sidewalks of life.

This is just funny! Prepare to Laugh!