The Singing Corbetts

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Samuel often sings his ABC's, so I decided to post him doing just that. He also likes to sing what he calls "The Bummy Song." He will walk over to me and say, "Mommy, would you like to hear the Bummy Song?" If I ever get a clip of it less than a minute long, I will post it. His lyrics are usually "The bummy ran over the hill and threw a shoe in the trash. Then the bummy fell down and he danced in a circle... etc. " He thinks it is hilarious and laughs and laughs as he sings. It is a pretty silly song and tends to go on a long time! I just think it is funny what kids come up with sometimes!


Austin sings "My God is So Big." He is the most camera shy of everyone,

so consider this a rare treat!


Annie sings her made-up song.


Caeden sings Bob the Builder. He sings a little bit. :)


The Bernardi's said...

Hahaha. I loved this post. This was too cute. Hahahaha. This blog thing was such a great idea. So fun seeing kids being kids...