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So our lives are not always hunky dory. We know this, yet when things like this happen, it tests me. Let me start at the beginning, shall I?

Last week, after a lunch of hot dogs, etc., I caught Samuel and Austin sneaking toothpicks into the living room to stand on end in the carpet as a barricade. They got in trouble and I threw all the toothpicks away and decided we didn't need toothpicks in the house until they were all at least 16. I never overreact... (Caeden had stepped on one and gotten a small cut that was not a big deal.)

Well today, the kids were helping red up some toys and all of a sudden Annie started howling/screaming/bawling hysterically. I rushed to her and quickly realized she had stepped on a, you guessed it, TOOTHPICK. Yep I was horrified and so was she. I tried to remain calm. I kept telling her to pray and made Austin come over and pray for his sister. So in that way it was a good learning opportunity. She had already tried to remove it and there was still some sticking out. I coached her on the fact that it was just a big splinter... yes, that was brilliant, keep her calm as she is losing it. I tried to use tweezers to extract it, but to no avail. As I cursed the stupid tweezers in my mind I kept thinking about the fact that we do not have health insurance yet and that she was most likely going to need a trip to the ER. So I called Jeff and he raced home with a 'better' set of tweezers.... He had no more luck than I did. It was stuck solidly! Very fortunately my parents happened to pull up to our house as he was getting ready to take her to the hospital. So I was able to go as well.

Long story shorter, she was very brave. The Dr. had to make a small incision to remove it successfully. Much to our dismay, it was an inch and a half long embedded into her foot below her heel. It was thankfully a bit sideways, so she was fortunate in that way as well. The Dr. had to really yank on it though! Thank goodness he numbed it first!

Her are a few pictures of her. Poor girl! And only 5 days away from her birthday!


The Bernardi's said...

She is so brave! And she looks so happy! Annie, did you have to get stitches?