Out of the Mouths of Babes

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( MATTHEW 21:16 *NIV )

The Chief Priests were angry at the children for shouting
"Hosanna, to the son of David", as Jesus entered the Temple!
Now Jesus' reply to them referred to Psalm 8:2, which the
Priest's had undoubtedly read many times before!

On the lighter side, we often find that children do amuse us
with their explanations. I hope that you will enjoy
the following encounter between a Sunday School Teacher
and her Kindergarten Class! After all, it is said "Laughter is
the best Medicine", especially for a Saturday Morning!

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes.......

After teaching the children about Salvation, the Teacher
asked her Sunday School Class:

"If I sold my house and my car, had a big garage sale and
gave all my money to the Church, would that get me into

"NO!" the children all answered.

"If I cleaned the Church every day, mowed the yard, and kept
everything neat and tidy, would that get me into Heaven?"

Again, the answer was, "NO!"

"Well, then, if I was kind to animals and gave candy to all the
children, and loved my husband, would that get me into Heaven?"
The Teacher asked them again.

Again, they all answered, "NO!"

"Well," The Teacher replied, "then how can I get into Heaven?"

A five-year-old boy shouted out, "YOU GOTTA BE DEAD!"

My children OFTEN teach me about God! I just have to be paying attention to them. I notice that some people tend to get irritated by children when they are, well, children, like this kid in the passage above. This saddens me, but also makes me think that these people miss out on so much! Children are often times wiser than adults when it comes to faith, Jesus, the free gift of salvation and joy! Not to mention more loving than most adults and more willing to forgive!!! So, the next time a little, precious one comes to talk to you, crouch down on their level, look them in the eyes with the same respect you would give an adult and really listen...... Jesus would!

How safe is your booster?

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This is really sad but I am sharing anyway. I was researching car seats today and found this link. Better to be informed I think.

Mom Jeans.... LOL!

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Anyone else ever feel like this? Har har!

Click HERE for Party Picture Slide show!

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Happy Birthday, Annie!!!!


Funny Pics

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Aussie and Sam's attempt at a mohawk!

Chip off of the ol' block. Any place there is a steering wheel, you will find Caeden.

Why have as many children as God wants to give us? This pic says it all.

Can that be any cuter?

Walking back from the playground.

I went shopping and bought a lot of stuff. Included was a cute little child!


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So our lives are not always hunky dory. We know this, yet when things like this happen, it tests me. Let me start at the beginning, shall I?

Last week, after a lunch of hot dogs, etc., I caught Samuel and Austin sneaking toothpicks into the living room to stand on end in the carpet as a barricade. They got in trouble and I threw all the toothpicks away and decided we didn't need toothpicks in the house until they were all at least 16. I never overreact... (Caeden had stepped on one and gotten a small cut that was not a big deal.)

Well today, the kids were helping red up some toys and all of a sudden Annie started howling/screaming/bawling hysterically. I rushed to her and quickly realized she had stepped on a, you guessed it, TOOTHPICK. Yep I was horrified and so was she. I tried to remain calm. I kept telling her to pray and made Austin come over and pray for his sister. So in that way it was a good learning opportunity. She had already tried to remove it and there was still some sticking out. I coached her on the fact that it was just a big splinter... yes, that was brilliant, keep her calm as she is losing it. I tried to use tweezers to extract it, but to no avail. As I cursed the stupid tweezers in my mind I kept thinking about the fact that we do not have health insurance yet and that she was most likely going to need a trip to the ER. So I called Jeff and he raced home with a 'better' set of tweezers.... He had no more luck than I did. It was stuck solidly! Very fortunately my parents happened to pull up to our house as he was getting ready to take her to the hospital. So I was able to go as well.

Long story shorter, she was very brave. The Dr. had to make a small incision to remove it successfully. Much to our dismay, it was an inch and a half long embedded into her foot below her heel. It was thankfully a bit sideways, so she was fortunate in that way as well. The Dr. had to really yank on it though! Thank goodness he numbed it first!

Her are a few pictures of her. Poor girl! And only 5 days away from her birthday!

The Beach - Click HERE to see a slide show!

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Sunday we went to Lake Erie to see my Aunt and Uncle Cathy and Dick Snyder. We went to beach 11 which was very clean and shallow. We had a very fun time!

Pumpkin Patch, Run, Caeden, Run & Dee Plane Dee Plane

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Our Pumkin Patch
Amazing what tiny seeds can do.

Lately this is all Caeden seems to want to do. Run. Away.

Here, Samuel captures the moment as Austin races to try to get the gate closed. He was unsuccessful on this attempt and that Caeden is lightning fast! So, I ended up intercepting him on the other side. Oh, the fun we have!


Caeden, besides being thrilled by cars, is also interested in planes.

He always takes time to stop, run and point as they fly overhead.

Race Car

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Yesterday at Daddy's work there was a race car! Caeden was being camera shy.

Here he is pointing and saying, "CAR! CAR!"

Posing with the virtual race car driver.

Truth be told, everyone had fun until afterwards. Austin misunderstood and thought there was going to be a real race that day. He got pretty mad that there was not going to be a race.

Picture I took off our front porch.

The Singing Corbetts

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Samuel often sings his ABC's, so I decided to post him doing just that. He also likes to sing what he calls "The Bummy Song." He will walk over to me and say, "Mommy, would you like to hear the Bummy Song?" If I ever get a clip of it less than a minute long, I will post it. His lyrics are usually "The bummy ran over the hill and threw a shoe in the trash. Then the bummy fell down and he danced in a circle... etc. " He thinks it is hilarious and laughs and laughs as he sings. It is a pretty silly song and tends to go on a long time! I just think it is funny what kids come up with sometimes!


Austin sings "My God is So Big." He is the most camera shy of everyone,

so consider this a rare treat!


Annie sings her made-up song.


Caeden sings Bob the Builder. He sings a little bit. :)

Zach's Birthday Party- click HERE to see SLIDE SHOW of the party!

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Happy Birthday, ZACH!

Click on the title above to see a slide show with more photos!

30 Weeks and Counting

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I had my 30 week appointment today! Did I mention how much I LOVE having a midwife come to me? My children sat around me as she listened to the baby's heartbeat. Caeden listened intently for once and everyone had their questions answered by a supremely patient MeriBeth. ( http://www.merryblessings.com/ )It was great! I never felt like they were a bother or an annoyance like I used to when I needed to take them to the OB offices. I always feel so calm and my blood pressure was evidence of this as well! It was 108 over 72 or something like that. (Sorry MB if that is way off!!)
Lately when people ask me how I am doing, my answer has been, good but feeling huge lately. Ah, yes I am to that huge-feeling stage. But what a blessing to carry this 5th gift from God! I was measuring 35 weeks and 34 weeks conservatively after the baby moved a bit. No, I am not carrying twins! I am just huge! LOL!
So I have been out and about with the whole crew lately and I realized that I had sort of been avoiding contact with the general public because of the constant stream of comments I receive when spotted pushing the stroller with four under age 6. This is pretty selfish of me and cowardly. So I have been venturing out a whole lot more and thus, dealing with comments as kindly as I can muster. :) Here are a smattering of the latest words of wisdom passersby just feel the incredible desire to share and my responses. Some are kind, some are not. Enjoy!
1 A man saw me coming across the street with my huge belly and a double stroller with four children in tow and asked, "Are you trying for a baseball team?" I answered, "No, we prefer soccer!"
2. I was dropping things off at the Salvation Army and the lady asked how many kids I had in my vehicle, two? When I answered, no four, her eyes bugged out and she asked, "Are they all yours?" I answered (I promise I did actually say this) "No, I have a habit of picking up random kids from around the neighborhood." She laughed, so she knew I was kidding.
3. The lady at the bank grinned and gasped at the sight of all of us and said,"Well God bless you!" I think I said thank you.
4. A woman I know said, "It's called contraception," to me as she walked passed me at CHURCH. Not real sure she was kidding. But I'd like to think so.
5. A girl worker at Taco Bell came over and told me how beautiful my children were and how sweet and cute they were. This brightened my day immensely. :)
6. A lady at church overheard me telling a friend how close in age my children are and she walked over and asked, "Well they were planned weren't they?" And yes, her tone was not so nice. I actually had the guts to say, "If you mean planned by God, then yes."
7. When I told a person at church we expecting out 5th baby, this person responded with a startled expression and uttered, "Another one?!? Another one?!?!"
8. I have had this response numerous times from people who discover we are having a baby.... "Are you done yet?" To which I usually shrug and say I don't know or it's up to God, etc. I wish I had the guts to say, "Well somebody has to outnumber the dumb people!"
9. Only a handful of times have I heard this: "Well, better you than me!" or "I hated pregnancy! Never again!" Which is usually followed with a shudder.
10. And my most original response is..... drum roll please....... "What, are you in a race to see who can have the most children?" ROFLOL!

Fuhs Family Reunion

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Just posting some pictures.
The Fuhs family is Jeff's Grandma Corbett's side of the family.

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Today Caeden was insisting on not only being out of the stroller a few blocks from home, but also wanting to be held. Normally this is not a problem. But today, I was having a hard time pushing the stroller and carrying him. I was hot and tired and decided to put him down and see if he would walk 'like a big boy.' Not surprisingly, he plopped right down in the middle of the ATA parking lot and began to scream in protest when he realized there was a stroller to be pushed! At first I was happy! But I soon realized how much guiding it was going to take on my part to keep him steering the stroller in the right direction. But he didn't want my help and waved his arms madly at me when I would try to help! So I had to be sneaky about it.

What is my point? I do have one! While I was constantly redirecting him it occurred to me how much like Caeden we are and how we want to do it ourselves instead of just getting into the stroller and letting God push it. I thought about how often I rely on myself instead of God and how much extra work I must make not only for me but for God! What a doting Heavenly Father we must have to be willing to let us steer and keep us on the straight path as we often think in our minds, look at me! Look at what I did, when it was God all along leading us and guiding us along the bumpy, cracked sidewalks of life.

This is just funny! Prepare to Laugh!