Super Heroes

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As I mentioned in the previous post, I got to go yardsaling on Saturday. Well, one of our great finds were these costumes for a dollar each! The boys absolutely love them and want to wear them ALL the time! Austin wanted to sleep in his! Here they insisted wearing them to play outside. It was quite a funny site and many passersby comented by calling out, "There's Batman and Spiderman!" Our neighbor even came over and took some photos.

The boys loved it!

Yes, as for Caeden, it will be a little bit before he sees the value in wearing a costume! Mom grabbed him a blue carebear costume to which he pooh-poohed as I thought he might! So, he occupied his time by pushing the bike up and down the sidewalk.

Samuel as Batman.

Our latest attempt to get him to sleep at night is telling him that Batman isn't afraid of the dark!!! Annie actually mentioned this to him first, lol!

Austin as Spiderman.

It was hilarious watching him race around in this costume as he constantly activated his sound-making gloves as he rode by.

Annie as a princess, of course! No superhero costumes for her.

Just one owie.



kvanzandt said...

Cute costumes! Great bargain! Love those yard sales!!!!