Life is NEVER Dull 'Round These Parts

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As Annie was painting like a mad woman, I took the opportunity for a few pictures.
Here is Caeden hamming it up, as usual!

Austin isn't happy or anything!

Here is where I was trying to get a pensive, hands on the face pose... not happening today, Mom!

Isn't it great when they just pose for you? I didn't plan this one of Aus and Caed.

OK, let's try to get one of all three! Har har har.

Whoops! Where'd Caeden go?

Oh, yea, that's better! Love the cut off heads, Trader Horn bucket, and my leg in the shot! Brilliant!

Mommy has a grand idea that sadly, one little Indian does not want to try! Hee hee!

Our talented family:

Austin trying out for Circus of the Stars


Swooshing Samuel


Off to a good start then BLAMO! He was just trying out for America's funniest home videos, that's all. He didn't hear that is was 'Circus of the Stars.'


Don't worry, he recovered....

One of the greatest things about boys is that they recover from falls quite quickly!