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I know, this looks so strange! Jeff? Splashing? Noooooo.

Swimming! Thank you McConnells for going to France!!!
We just hopped that fence and they'll never know!!! (Just kidding we had permission)

Jeff told me to post a pic of me pregnant.

Yep only 26 weeks!

I know I look HUGE!

Shut up.


The swimming was a blast! Only one heart attack moment for me! Annie got out of the pool and DOVE head first into the shallow! I about DIED! She had seen Jeff dive earlier into the DEEP!!! She was fine! Jeff didn't see it. As I was hyperventilating and trying not to cry, Jeff explained why that was not a good idea.... I will say that is was a fabulous dive though!


Anonymous said...

You look cute! Not huge! : )

Stephanie said...

I would have panicked too!! Glad she's okay! We spent the last few days at a pool while camping and I had my own panic moments - usually whenever I couldn't find a kid!