Been a While

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Happy 10th Anniversary! Here we are then......

And now.... LOL!

SInce it has been a while since I updated, there are a lot of events
I will list in no particular order!

We landscaped!

Jeff turned 35!

We (the boys and I) went Putt Putt golfing (for the 1st time ever)
while Annie attended a tea party (pics later in the blog)


Samuel and Austin

We got together at the Pink Farm and saw my cousin Stacie and Matt Sespico's clan.
The kids had a lot of fun together.

On a walk at the Pink Farm.

Annie and Austin have summer soccer on Wednesdays.

And the tea party hosted by Grandma Corbett.

Annie and Violet.


Peep said...

Awwww... that Annie :) Super cute Mandy, super Cute. She is such a good girl. And active! That is good!

Where did you guys go golfing?

My stuff that you delivered has been sitting. I should have brought stuff that was more practical as I have no idea what to do with the stuff I bought, lol.

Peep said...

Oh yeah... Yeah for updates!!!