Fun times for FREE!

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Today I started off the day with my first yard saling of the year! My mom's treat!
It was super fun and I now remember why I was addicted to it a few years back!
Next we went to the Trinity Living Center's shin-dig. The kids had fun as you can see. I had to post these funny pictures of them. Action shots of kids jumping are so hilarious, don't you agree?

Sailing Sam.

Annie halped Caeden join in for one terrifying (according to Caeden) slide!

LOL, I just think this is funny!

Sam and Annie, ah, to be young!

Super jumps

Caeden and Daddy.
There was even a car show! Woo-hoo for Daddy!

All I remember was this is a suprcharger on a Mustang.

Har har har!

Austin takes a flying leap!

Sam and Daddy!

Austin, Annie (the spiney thing that acted as a happy fun ball) and Caeden.

Austin is like, "COOL CAR!" Annie is like, "Ooh sparkles!"