Birthdays, Markers and Baby Names

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Beware my power.... Green Lantern's LIGHT!

Why five-year-olds, markers, and 22-month-olds don't mix.

Nathaniel celebrated his birthday and here he is actually blowing out his candles!
This is not a fake photo of him pretending to blow them out due to slow photographers or perhaps slow cameras! I am ON THE BALL!

Jeff and Alliyah! What a sweetie!

Caeden stitting on a bike four times his size!

Kaity carrying tub a lard, I mean Caeden! I am amazed she got him off the ground as he has a habit of plopping himself down and making himself dead weight!
Also pictured are: Sean, Sam, Jeff, Alliyah, Elli Marcy and Shannon's head.

What happened at the party? Water guns were blasting, balloons were flying in the air and food was being grilled, YUM!

Zach and Austin watching present opening.

Samuel and Caeden. Can't tell they are brothers!

Daddy sporting his Father's Day gift shirt I designed and sell on .
Yes, it is a bit obnoxious! But you know what else is obnoxious? Well I will tell you!
In a world that celebrates getting 'fixed' with high fives and 'way to go mans,' I decided to create a shirt that says, "Fertility is a GIFT to be celebrated!" Getting 'fixed' is actually getting 'broken.' You were working just fine and you broke yourself. Makes no sense to us.
Thank you God for the blessing of children!

I forgot to post this last time around!
Lastly, we have decided on a name. The story is very cool. I got up with Jeff to make him lunch around 5:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep so I checked e-mail. Well I got onto a baby name site and started brainstorming all the names we like and putting them together in different ways. Later on Jeff called me and I asked him about one name that popped out at me. I will explain where I got the idea from after our baby is born. I didn't say the name for a while and instead explained in detail why I liked it. (So unlike me to ramble, I know) When I said it finally Jeff said, "Well that's the name." I said why? He said that as soon as I told him I had a name I wanted to run by him, he said THE name first and middle popped into his head!!! So we believe God gave us this name and are so excited!
We are keeping it to ourselves until after the baby is born!
Feel free to make guesses on our comments section for fun!


Peep said...

That is wrong... you just can't leave us hanging like that. You know you can tell me right? I can keep a secret... Tell me.......

I'm kidding (partly), I am really glad that you have a name picked out!

Mandy2qt said...

LOL! We have always told our name in advance. So we are trying something different this time! LOL! I guess I want to keep it a secret just to have something that is just ours to know. Ha ha! Only about 3 more months to wait give or take. Make a guess!!!

kvanzandt said...

I'm so excited you have a name! Now you get to put up with everyone poo pooing you not telling what it is!! : )

Mandy2qt said...

yep. should be a fun time! my mom will be the maddest of all! lol!

Peep said...

Hmmm... Malachi? Denver? Jeremiah? I forget what the rules are. This is too hard! Does the name that you picked follow your guidelines? This is not easy to guess. Oooohhh. I know! You can just tell us :)


Mandy2qt said...

Of course our guidelines were followed! Amazing how easy that happens when God basically picks your name for you! LOL! All I can say is that we are very glad to have a name chosen!!! Now just have to wait for this little bundle to finish cooking.