Ultrasound Day

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I wanted to wait until we got a new battery charger for our camera before posting. But this could take a while as our camera is very old. So, I decided to go ahead and post sans photos. I know, it is a sad thing. :( ,,,,,, <- tears.

On a happy note, we had our ultrasound, sonogram, scan, whatever you call it, on the 4th! Yay! I always look forward to these with excitement and apprehension. This time, however, I was just excited! Jeff had told me he did not want to find out what little person is residing in the "Womb House" as the kids call it. So, I was very much wanting to know, of course. We are always opposite, you know.

So we arrived at the Great Lakes Institute of Technology (A teaching facility) right on time- not! Of course we were 5 minutes late. Then as we were driving past the main entrance, Jeff saw a "Use Rear Entrance" sign which I did not see.

So, we went to the back door and were immediately confused. Thankfully a man was there and he showed us how to get to the front entrance. We then discovered the sign wasn't for us! So we could have went to the front entrance after all.

We skipped registration, so the lady had no clue we were there. But she took us back anyhow. As I was signing the paperwork, she commented on how beautiful our children are and then asked if this was my first pregnancy. Ha ha.

The instructor began the scan and asked Annie if she wanted a sister for her team. Annie, of course, shook her head! Then she looked at me and asked if we knew what we were having. I said no. I expected the next question to be, would you like to find out? Instead, she blurted, "Sorry honey, you are not getting one for your team!"

Hello?!?! Did I miss the question? Did she ask and I answered without knowing? I laughed and looked at Jeff and he was smiling, as well. So gladly, he wasn't upset. Annie had a frown and looked like she might cry, so I felt badly for her. But after about a half an hour, she jumped into the truck and announced, "Mommy, I'm okay with another boy." I said, "Well, that's good because we can't change it!" LOL!
The baby appeared to be sucking his thumb and behaved very well for the ultrasound. Didn't seem to mind at all! Afterward, they invited us back every month! I think that would be overkill, but nice to know they liked us.

So, Annie got to tell everyone since she had been promised to be the one to announce if it was a girl or boy at the birth. She seemed to appreciate this. Maybe someday Annie will get a sister. Only God knows!
In the meantime, another brother means many things:

God knows what He's doing.

We got the gear!

No searching for Annie's old baby clothes!

No added cost of more dance lessons!

I am simply used to boy babies! And happen to like them.

Boys are so cuddly and more needy than girls- at least this has been my experience. And I like to be needed. It's a mommy thing.

More soldiers for the army of God! How exciting to be raising men of God. I look at the Lilly's in our church and so enjoy seeing what amazing men of God they have raised! I feel extremely blessed that God has given this privilege to us.

More Corbetts to carry on the family name! God values this and even though this isn't revered as much in our culture, it is still very important. And let's face it, Corbett is a GREAT name!

My husband is too incredible not to be excited that there will be another extension of him around! Look out girls, we have some amazingly handsome men coming your way in a few years.

I am so happy to be name thinking with the knowledge that we need to focus on boy names!

We can start imagining what another boy will mean!

Another set of bunk beds!

OK, that's all I can think of! Will post some pics when we get that charger.


Peep said...

Those tears looks like drool to me....

Peep said...

***makes a metal note to keep Sienna away from those Corbett boys!***


Hey congrats on the boy!!! Yeah! Hey, do you want the car seat attachment for the stroller, and/or the car seat that came with it? I'll give you more details on it if you want, email me.

Holly said...

Congrats, you guys! Can't believe ANOTHER boy! Whew! :-)

Mandy2qt said...

LOL, 'peep'. That's right, you better watch out for those Corbett boys! ;)

Hol, I know! I told Jeff that he must be pretty special for God to want so many mini-me's running around!! LOL!