Soccer Tournament

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Annie and Austin played in their end-of-the year soccer tournament on Sunday. They had a fun time! Their team name is Belize and they won their first game! So they got to play the next team. They lost that game, but had a good time. Annie scored 6 goals total and Austin had some assists and near goals. I am excited to see how far they have come in their understanding of the game. I am amazed at how good they are at 6 and 4! They had a picnic for the teams and parents which was nice. Although I forgot to bring plates and forks! Flatware! I always forget the flatware! It is my trademark to forget that. Luckily Debbie Hickly brought extras and some lady gave us a few more plates. So it all ended well. But man, I will tell ya, I am gonna bring a ton next year for LOTS of people forgot this! :( Daddy had fun co-coaching the team this year and I hope he will be able to continue to coach in the fall.


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