Name Ideas? Anyone?

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Since I still do not have a charger for my camera, I figured I would post this sort of a survey post. Since we know we are having a boy, we would like name ideas! You can post your ideas in the comments section- (you do not have to be a registered user to comment.) Jeff's requirements for the name are that it must be masculine, trendy enough, but no too trendy. Mine are easy to pronounce from the spelling, must go with our last name (Corbett) and would prefer, but not limited to different cadence or syllables between first, middle and last name. Also, meanings are important to me. So if it is a fabulous name but means 'tire' or 'hay stack' or 'misery' I won't use it. Jeff is Scottish descent, I am mainly Native American and German. Not that the name has to be from these backgrounds. Corbett means Raven, just for your information. Our names thus far are Annie Mackenzie, Austin James-Gregory, Samuel Isaiah, and Caeden Israel. Also, we look at what the initials spell. Just in case it spells something silly.

Thanks for all your ideas!!!!!!


kvanzandt said...

I still like Caleb Jeffrey. I know Caleb and Caeden are close, but I still like it! Or you could use another first name and use Jeffrey as the middle name. Come on Jeff, you know you'd like to have a child with your name somewhere in his! Or use David. It's a strong, biblical name. Yes, I know we already have a cousin named David, but there are also 2 Emily's and 2 Kaitlyn's and if you're going to limit your names to no repeats within the family, you know how many good names are out! : )

Holly said...

Oh gosh, I don't have any suggestions, right now. We had enough difficulty coming up with Asher's name. I don't know if I have it in me to try and come up with a possibility for someone ELSE'S baby! (but I'll let ya know if that changes!)

Mandy2qt said...

Well, we have this friend who for her 5th, two separate people came up to her and said, we think you should name your baby Judah... How cool is that? Anyhow.... just getting ideas. LOL! We have a hard time naming babies, too!

Anonymous said...

(pronounced as spelled: Mick-I-a)
Found in 1 Kings 22
Its kind of a cool play on Micah.

Peep said...

Carter Joseph? I like that one.

Peep said...

Can even be shortened to CJ!