Dress Rehearsal... Check

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Ah, yes, the day long awaited for has finally arrived. And it went swimmingly! -The most streamlined dress rehearsal I have ever been a part of, actually! The girls did a great job and I thought I would post a few highlights. Above are the cousins three, Kaity, Elli and Annie....
They don't like to get their photos taken or anything. :)

Annie and Sydney Wise, Lisa and Tom's beautiful daughter. I include this photo not only because they are darling little things, but also because this is the daughter of a friend that I took dance with for many, many years. I find it so funny that they are in the same classes at Dotty's!

Annie onstage singing and dancing to "Little Eskimos."

My precious niece, Elliana. Have you ever seen a cuter sweetie?

And here is my Sweetie Pie or 'Pinky' as has become her nickname lately.

Where are my boys? you might ask. Well, my darling friend, Megan Reeher babysat, thank goodness! She is such a great friend to help out that way and I thought you all should know! She not only played with the kids, she also cleaned my microwave and oven! I thought perhaps that a fairy had done it because it was so clean! But she assured me it was just her and a great new cleaner called Greenworks All-Purpose which I will be running out to buy ASAP!!!

The Finale! Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.