Memorial Day

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Memorial Day was a fun day for all. Even the rain stayed away and it turned into a beautiful day! I think the highlight of the day was the parade. It was relaxing and fun. The kids were very interested in the parade. We also went to a family picnic at the park.

Samuel with Daddy!

Austin peeping around the stroller.


Jeff and Caeden.

Navy float


Bagpipes. Had to include these as Jeff is Scottish.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that there was a parade :(

Mandy2qt said...

There was a parade in Mercer. Hey, was that Pep that left the message?

Lisa said...

Hey mandy. This is a great idea. I posted once and it disappeared. Hope this one takes. Please tell Karin and Frank Congrats! What a beautiful baby! Sorry we missed the festivities over the weekend. Ricks business trip to Vegas brought me along! Having much fun, but this is quite the overindulgent place. Hope to see you all soon. We return on Friday..back to "wedding central". Love to all, Lisa

Pep said...

I need to work on my stalking skills! Anywho, it was very nice talking to you and your hubby :) We should hang out some time, ya know.