A Fun Day!

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Today was a very fun day! We went to the park to eat lunch and fed the ducks and geese. It was so funny to see how excited everyone got. Especially Samuel and Caeden. Sam kept saying, "Awwwww! They're soooo cuuute!" Caeden simply yelled a lot and pointed. :) We were pleasantly surprised to see a mama duck and her duckling and a mama goose and her 6 goslings.
I was feeling quite bummed that I forgot the camera, when Sarah Hoobler dropped in on her lunch hour and saved the day with her camera phone! :) (Thanks Sarah!) So, I have a few pics to share of our day.
We also visited the war memorials and had an interesting talk about that. They were more interested in the old fountain, gazebo, some sticks, acorn hats for their fingers and the gigantic guns.

'Awwww, how cute!'

Look at the camera, Caeden! :)

Oops, cut off Austin! The sun was very bright!