A Fun Day!

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Today was a very fun day! We went to the park to eat lunch and fed the ducks and geese. It was so funny to see how excited everyone got. Especially Samuel and Caeden. Sam kept saying, "Awwwww! They're soooo cuuute!" Caeden simply yelled a lot and pointed. :) We were pleasantly surprised to see a mama duck and her duckling and a mama goose and her 6 goslings.
I was feeling quite bummed that I forgot the camera, when Sarah Hoobler dropped in on her lunch hour and saved the day with her camera phone! :) (Thanks Sarah!) So, I have a few pics to share of our day.
We also visited the war memorials and had an interesting talk about that. They were more interested in the old fountain, gazebo, some sticks, acorn hats for their fingers and the gigantic guns.

'Awwww, how cute!'

Look at the camera, Caeden! :)

Oops, cut off Austin! The sun was very bright!

Memorial Day

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Memorial Day was a fun day for all. Even the rain stayed away and it turned into a beautiful day! I think the highlight of the day was the parade. It was relaxing and fun. The kids were very interested in the parade. We also went to a family picnic at the park.

Samuel with Daddy!

Austin peeping around the stroller.


Jeff and Caeden.

Navy float


Bagpipes. Had to include these as Jeff is Scottish.

New Babe on the Block

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Gift. Heritage. Reward. Blessing. Arrow. Olive Shoot.
But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them;
for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 19:14

Welcome Baby
Alliyah Mae VanZandt

Born May 24th, 4:19 pm
7 lbs 12.5 oz 20.5 inches


Psalm 127:3-5

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord,
the fruit of the womb a reward.
As arrows are in the hand of a warrior,
so are the children of one's youth.
Happy, blessed, and fortunate is the man
whose quiver is filled with them!
They will not be put to shame when they speak
with their adversaries [in gatherings]
at the [city's] gate.

Baby Alliyah is beautiful, as expected! She reminds me of Kaity when she was a baby.

Proud and gorgeous, might I add, Mama. (Who looks this good after 24+ hours of labor???!)

What Alliyah saw as she entered the world.... Her Dada!

Karin, Alliyah and doting cousin Annie.

Awww, how sweet can one baby be?

I think Mommy is taken with her newest blessing.

Annie, Austin and Alliyah.

Samuel gets a turn.

Caeden and Samuel check out their new baby cousin.

Who knew the pain and agony of back labor could be so funny? NOT!


Cooing amidst Samuel talking.


A Brief Moment of Unhappiness.


Action at the hospital visit. By Annie

Petey and Coco

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Jeff called today laughing hysterically about a mascot for a health care provider called Petey the Pee Cup, yes you read correctly... Check out this:



“Coco,” the Colossal Colon as it is affectionately known, is a 40-foot long, 4-foot tall oversized model of the human colon that is designed to educate about colorectal cancer and other diseases of the colon. Visitors who crawl through the Colossal Colon will see Crohn's disease, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids, cancerous and non-cancerous polyps, and various stages of colon cancer.

Yes, folks, every child yearns to crawl through a cancer infested colon!!


Thought these were worth sharing.... what will they come up with next?

Baby News

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For those of you who don't know, we are expecting our 5th baby! I had my appointment today with my midwife and finally heard the baby's heartbeat! The 1st time, the baby kept moving away from the doppler and my midwife only got a visual reading but not audio-- at least not long enough for me to hear over all the chaos in the house! (My children and the 2 youngest of my midwife's 5 children were present and more interested in playing than listening to a little bitty heartbeat, which is to be expected!) But this ended up being okay as I did hear our little man or woman today. However, the kid was still rolling away in defiance of this doppler-- Jeff's explanation was, "Well, it runs in the family that we have good ears and are very musical, so s/he is obviously extremely sensitive to sound waves." But of course, why didn't I think of that? I just wonder what type of personality this little one is going to have.... such determination and defiance to conform already... must take after his/her mom... Or his/her dad.

Why are we blogging?

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I am not real sure but I think it will be easier for people to keep up with our family by checking the blog instead of me randomly sending out e-mails. And only people that care to know what is happening with us will take the time to come visit so this will avoid people receiving unwanted updates and clogged e-mail accounts! So it is a win-win as far as I am concerned. Less work for me, less hassle for the general public.